iTunes to Spotify Exporter

What? An app that reads an iTunes library and creates equivalent playlists in Spotify.

Why? I had a situation where I had 2 repositories of music, one in iTunes for music that I had purchased, and one in Spotify for streaming. The latest iOS update made the music app look terrible, so I decided to combine the two in Spotify, but I didn't want to recreate playlists containing over 15,000 songs manually.

Who? Made by Peter O'Connor.

Where? Code available here. Feel free to use and improve.

When? Last updated on


  1. Log in to Spotify using the button below.
  2. Export your iTunes playlists/library in .xml format.
    File > Library > Export Library.../Export Playlist...
  3. Upload the .xml file (don't worry, it is never stored on the server).
  4. Export the playlist/s to Spotify!
Log in to Spotify


To export iTunes library/playlist: File > Library > Export Library... or Export Playlist...